Book of Poems for Children

Illustrations to the Book of poems by K. Strelnikova “Summer with no beret”


ristina Strelnikova is a successful and well-known children’s writer. Laureate of the respected Marshak and Krapivin Literary Awards. She is also the winner of various literary contests. She has already released a great many books for children.

I was happy to illustrate a new collection of her poems «Summer With No Beret», released in 2018. Kristina writes extraordinarily kind, witty and funny poetry. It was fun to work with her poems. I tried to create illustrations as colorful as poetry. I wanted to do so that the illustrations did not interrupt the author, but accompanied him. The quatrains on some broadsides literally became a part of illustrations, so that illustration be an integral part of the text not only in contents but even visually.

As a result, we got a bright and kind book for children of any age.

You can buy this book in any bookshop or order it online.


Подписывайтесь на обновления. Будет много интересного 🙂