Let’s get acquainted!

I am a graphic artist, I live and work in St. Petersburg.

I began painting at a more adult age, when I had already gotten higher education in an area far from the illustration. At first it was like a hobby. To take my free time I went to an adult group in an art school after work. Gradually, I was really overwhelmed with this, and I decided that I must be an artist.

A year later I entered the evening department of the Graphics Department at the North-West Institute of Printing Arts. I learned there everything about book creation. Well-designed training gave me a deep understanding of the book as an integral art object with its composition, dynamics, culmination. I learned how to make design, font, create illustrations in different techniques. My graduation project was the design of the «The Lord of the Flies» by William Golding.

Despite of the theme of the graduation book and its black-and-white design, I like to work with color (acrylic, watercolor, gouache) and create pictures for children books. I like to explore and combine different materials. As a rule, I choose the technique and style of images depending on a specific task.

At the beginning of 2018, the book «Summer With No Beret» was published with my illustrations. It is a colorful publication with mischievous and very kind poetry for children of any age. I will make a separate post about its creation, which will be a detailed instruction for working on the book.

Moreover, in my blog, I will introduce you with some artists, including those from other countries. I will post information about their work, techniques and anything I can find.

Подписывайтесь на обновления. Будет много интересного 🙂

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